Age of Empires II

Strategy 1999 Windows Konami Empire management Organized forces Real time

The game that defined medieval real time strategy

For some the definitive real time strategy will always remain StarCraft, however, on the same level with it but coming in a totally different flavor, Age of Empires is just as great and has forever defined what the medieval strategy game should be. Age of Empires II had you being responsible for both the economic phase of the game as well as for the tactical phase, where you had to control your armies and to deploy them on the field of battle. Of course, the exact kind of make up for your army could differ, on one hand based on your style of play but also based on the resources you were able to harvest and the time you had until you were attacked or under siege. The single player portion allowed you to tackle games where you had to construct a lot but also offered you the possibility to hone your tactical instincts by providing scenarios where your only concern was the way your armies were arranged to fight. However, the core of the game was the skirmish, where you faced the AI combatants or the multiplayer games, where you could pit yourself against your friends. Each time Age of Empires II offered you the tools to win or lose, and it was all placed on your shoulders. The game still looks amazing and has retained its playability, so, for old times' sake make room in your schedule for this masterpiece!

Conquer Others to be Top Empire!

If you like strategy games, you will love "Age Of Empires II". There are so many different ways that you are able to take over your foes. You can watch as your army is built. But do not forget about the towns people! After all, with out the little people, there would be no need for an army! Who will they protect? Build your natural resources as you conquer other kingdoms and be the TRUE EMPIRE! You can build town centers in order to make sure that your kingdom is never destroyed. (Yes, that was a little gamer tip.) Along with collecting resources, you will be able to build your kingdom to perfection. As you go through the requirements, you will be able to build through the ages of time. Different ages means different weapons. (More kills.)This helps your score in the end. The games are able to be played in different time incurments to keep your gaming time at a minimum. Players can get lost in the world of taking over empires very easily. The game runs on almost all systems and does not lag.

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