Ballerburg: Castle Siege

Strategy 2001 Windows 1C Company Real time Medieval Building

Watch out below!

Taking its inspiration from an earlier game with the same game, Ballerburg, this is a real time artillery game which packs in a lot of strategy and action for an all-round enjoyable experience. It's certainly unusual enough to warrant closer inspection by anyone interested in something a little different and if you do, you should have some fun here. You start out by building your own castle, taking care to position weapons and defenses as well as peasant huts, smithies and so on. Everything costs money, so you need to collect taxes so you need to juggle things carefully. The meat of the game comes in destroying your enemies' castles, so you'd better make sure you've got some decent weapons, but bear in mind they're coming for you too. You've got a wide range of weapons, like catapults, guns and even airborne bombers, but the trick here is that you never really see where your shots land, so you need to fire repeatedly in order to nail down your target. You also have access to wizards which can call up sandstorms in order to make your enemies' task harder by obstructing their line of sight. Although we've since seen this type of game become popular on mobile devices, this early take on the genre gets pretty much everything right and is thus still highly entertaining. It's a very accessible game but which offers plenty of depth and challenge, thanks to the smart opponents and the range of defensive and offensive options. The visuals are nice too, with lots of personality, so for a nice bit of destructive fun, this is well worth a look.

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