Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne

Strategy 2002 Windows Triumph Studios Empire management Real time War Turn based Turn based strategy Fantasy Rpg

An impressive story with wizards and many races

Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne is a 2002 turn-based fantasy strategy game where you play as Merlin, a wizard that has to restore order and peace on Earth. The introduction cinematics will show you why is not suitable to upset some dragons, as all that remained from the humanity was a flying ship. You have to rebuild an entire empire and fight against some of the most powerful sorcerers. Among the playable races are included: The Humans, The Elves, The Dwarves, The Dark Elves, The Orcs, The Goblins, The Undead. You will definitely enjoy the complete and rich scenario. The main improvement in this game concerns the graphical engine, that recreates in an excellent manner the accented terrains and textures. The story includes betrayals, unexpected assistance and situations, alliances with wizards and various races. The general design won't amaze you nor irritate you, so things are pretty convenient in this area. The real charm stays in the spells, and in the way you cast them. There are numerous incantations that can be activated upon the environment and enemies, as well. The most important are the ones casted upon terrains, being useful for developing the productivity, for the regrowth of the units, and for an efficient protection against attacks. But, the frustration comes with the long waiting until you can use some powerful spells. You have to gain enough points to do this. The artificial intelligence is satisfactory, the fighting system is very well produced and the sound effects are impressive. So, what are you waiting for? Try this game today!

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