Airport Tycoon 2

Simulation 2003 Windows Global Star Software Tycoon style

Airports are dull

The original Airport Tycoon was a pretty dull and less than entertaining business/management sim that lacked the fun of RollerCoaster Tycoon and other such titles. Airport Tycoon 3 managed to get things a bit more interesting but sadly this first sequel is almost as dull as the original and is thus best avoided. As you'd probably expect, the game puts you in charge of your very own airport and entrusts you with its smooth running. You start out with nothing and must build up your airport from scratch, adding buildings, runways and all the other elements which are required once the cash starts coming in. This is very much a game about micromanagement, and there's always some tiny detail to keep track of, with problems to analyze and statistics to study. You can negotiate new contracts to get more money flowing in, while there's also natural disasters like hurricanes which pop up occasionally to make things even more challenging. The whole thing plays out in real time, although you can adjust this to give you more or less thinking time, while there are also set challenges to complete in the scenarios section. If you do get a kick out of studying details and focusing on the tiny things, then it's possible you might get some enjoyment out of this. However, for most people this is just going to be a tedious slog through statistics and graphs, and which is almost entirely lacking in fun. Things aren't helped by the awkward and frustrating interface which makes everything a chore, and when combined with the low rent visuals, this turns out to be little more than an exercise in boredom.

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