Ski Resort Tycoon II

Simulation 2001 Windows Activision Tycoon style

Ski or die!

The original Ski Resort Tycoon was a slightly unusual take on the business management sim genre which at least scored a few points over Theme Park and other games by its slightly different setting. Ultimately though, it was just a little too bland to be more than decent, something which can just as easily be said about this sequel. There's nothing really wrong with it, it's just lacking in personality, but if you do enjoy such games, there's some fun to be had here. Once again, you're in charge of running a ski resort and must look after everything to ensure your guests have a pleasant time but which makes you the most profit possible. The game feels very similar to the original, but the visuals have been given a slight overhaul, with things like a 360 degree view so you can check out your creation, while there are more and bigger maps, more buildings, enhanced character personalities, night skiing and upgraded sound which adds more to the atmosphere. Again, this isn't a terrible game and for those interested in business sims and who have an interest in skiing and the lifestyle, this makes for a fine choice. There's enough depth and variety here to keep you going for some time, with a good overall challenge level too. The improved visuals and sound add much to the appeal, while the interface is notably slicker and easier to use than previously. There's a good sense of freedom too, and you're welcome to tackle things how you want, but when you get down to it, there's a definite lack of charm which hurts its long term appeal. For a while though, this is compelling stuff.

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