Prison Tycoon 2

Simulation 2006 Windows ValuSoft Politics Tycoon style Real time strategy Casual Minigame Arcade

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What to say about the game that tries to realistically copy the U.S system of penal justice. In my book, that is as low as you can go, but i still gave the game a go. I find it disturbing that life of inmates, difficult as it is, could be a topic of a PC game. If you decide to play this after all, you will come across your regular style building sim, micromanaging everything from the food inmates eat to the order of execution in your death row. You can erect factories to make profit, place guard towers, fences and everything else that makes prisoner's life peachy. It is difficult to grasp it all at the beginning, as the game has a steep learning curve, but after a while you will figure out the best way to make your prisoners miserable and your facility the pride of the nation. If you're in a particularly sadistic mood, you can cause a riot and release hounds to munch at inmates. Graphics are okay, somewhat lacking if you consider other titles released. Sound and music are not particularly rewarding. All in all it is a mediocre sim, with a horrible topic. Try airport tycoon 2 or similar games.

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