Action 1988 Dos Konami Science Fiction Flight shooter Top down

Badass vertical shooter!

Ajax's thing is allowing you to drop bombs on ground target5s, but in order to target them you have to match your circular reticule to the objective to be bomb, which means being at certain positions on the map at certain times. And, of course, later on in the game these are the hottest spots on screen, but if you want those powerups and a higher score, you're going to have to take the risk! At any rate, this is the gimmick, the rest of the game is a fast, challenging forward scrolling shooter in which you control a chopper all in 2D, all pretty neatly designed and quite detailed. You also get to defeat bosses at the end of each level, but getting there is quite a ride, as the game can be unrelenting in some portions. But, as I mentioned, this is a really fast chopper, and twirls from right to left and high and low on the map are within grasp even if it might not seem so. But you need to quicken your reflexes and you need to concentrate. Once you're in the zone it's all smooth sailing, but you're always going to be on the edge of your seat, at least after the game properly begins, after the first few training levels. So, definitely, if you love challenging shooters, vertical or horizontal, this is one of the less known but great ones. Sure worth a go, as I find it as well deserving to be tried as R Type or as Raptor. So don't miss it!

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