Action 1987 Dos Dosbox Micro Revelations Science Fiction Flight shooter

Destroy all aliens!

In Xenocide you will travel from moon to moon and your main goal with be that of destroying the entire roaster of aliens that you will find, in all of these moons of Talos IV. However, while this misse en scene is interesting, the actual gameplay is the same most of the time. You control this rover thing, and you get to travel from point A to point B on all those different moons. Unfortunatley, the mostly look the same, relatively uninspired and using quite the same graphical assets. But worry not, the shooting and the exploration is fun enough, a first person kind of game that will mostly remind you of other era games, mainly the ones about tank control and so on. At any rate, if you like first person tank type shooting gameplay, this game is mostly about that, and the alien invasion kind of ideas are pretty fun, even if they don't change the core of the gameplay that much. But, all things considered, the game benefits from a relatively large campaign and also, relatively inspired ideas, which is nice. Similarly, play K1 Tank, as this one is much more interesting gameplay wise, based in reality and so, much more realistic, but ultimately based on the same ideas of gameplay.

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