Raptor: Call of the Shadow

Arcade 1994 Dos Apogee Vertical shooter Flight shooter

Calling All Non-Shooter Fans!

I've never been very good at the top-down shooter genre. Most of them are insanely difficult and extremely unforgiving of mistakes and quick to punish even the slightest error. Raptor is the only one of the genre that I ever really clicked with. The differences between this top-down shooter and the rest is the room for error. There are no one-hit deaths. You don't lose all your power-ups if you die at a boss. In fact, there are a ton of different power-ups that you get to buy and equip to fit your own play style. Sometimes you want overwhelming forward projection of firepower, sometimes you'd want some homing abilities, or just drop a nuke and clear the screen. Each mission or level tallies up the property damage you've dealt and awards you some money to buy and upgrade your aircraft with shields, repair, or deck it out with more weapons. You can also run through episode 1 over and over until you're confident enough to take on harder difficulties. It's a very forgiving, but still challenging game. I highly recommend it, even for non-top-down-shooter fans.

Will keep you playing for hours

Raptor: Call of the Shadows was released in 1994 on the PC, and is one of the best air to ground 2D shoot'em up today. Being a classic gamer myself, Raptor is a fast paced slugfest intended to keep you playing. The game features a lots of amazingly detailed environments, such as jungles, the moon, there are tons of weapons to use to obliterate the opposing force, and selling and buying items for your craft is easy. The game will indeed keep you playing for hours on end.

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