Action 1989 Dos Capcom Flight shooter Top down

Topdown shooter; Rambo style, great graphics

Sarge is a classic representative of that classic kind of gameplay, where you have a powerhouse trooper taking over entire armies by himself, aided by the fact that he's got a huge arsenal, quick moves, and the fact that the enemies shoot pellets that are very slow! The graphics, compared to NES games of the same build are a little less pixelated. But on the other hand, they are a bit more mature themed, the colors less bright, so, overall, it might feel like a more mature game; however the gameplay is just as direct and as uninterested in realism. You just need to shoot faster than the enemy, get all the upgrades in time, and try to avoid all the stray bullets. Every other level also has a boss waiting on you, which requires you to tackle it a bit more strategically or like a puzzle. You'll soon enough find what that particular monster's weakness is, and if you control your movement and fire properly you will shoot it down too. So, it's a straightforward game, well polished, well produced and interesting, even if the basic gameplay is so old. A good alternative is Ajax.

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