Blaze and Blade: Eternal Quest

RPG 1998 Windows T&E Soft Fantasy Third Person Adventure style

RPG hell!

Blaze and Blade could have been an interesting and enjoyable entry into the PC RPG market, where the likes of Zelda and Beyond Oasis aren't quite as popular as they are on consoles. However, beyond one or two interesting features, this proves to be an almost complete disaster that is likely to be uninstalled about ten minutes after you've started playing. There is a storyline here, but you're unlikely to get too far in, partly due to the fact that it's the usual fantasy nonsense, involving some unoriginal magical quest into a forbidden forest in order to deliver the land from evil. You start out the game by creating a character, which is probably the only decent feature here, as there's actually a lot of choice in terms of classes and so on, and then it's on to the usual stuff, where you lead your party around, whacking monsters and looking for treasure. The whole thing uses a pseudo 3D perspective, while combat is in real time but consists of little more than spanking the hit button while wiggling around a bit. Blaze and Blade really does look and feel like it was knocked out in a couple of weeks with almost no thought to it whatsoever. It's undeniably ugly, with very crude character work and bland, unimaginative level design which reuses every cliche in the book. The character creation is well done, with heaps of classes and abilities to choose from, but it's all a let down from there, and once you get into the game itself, your eyes will be bleeding and your brain dribbling out of your ear, so unless these features hold no value to you, avoid this like the plague.

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