Alf's World of Words

Puzzle 1988 Dos Vision Software Education

Alf's Thinking Skills companion game; fun and entertaining

Alf's World of Words is a puzzler, simple and direct, based on asking questions, and you, answering them by choosing the game you think is mostly likely to be correct. More than anything, Alf's World of Words is a game where words are the things that matter! You have to either know the definition of a word, or, define a word, it's cool, entertaining if you like these word games, and for the most part, because of a large number of questions (or at least decent enough, so that in a few play through sessions you won't get too many repeat words) it just plays nicely. The EGA standard is, well, alright, but it's nothing anyone would call impressive. But it works great, and at the end of the day, what matters is that the questions are easily answerable and pretty well produced. So, at any rate, if you like mind and word based games, Alf's World of Words is definitely worth looking into. More than anything, what Alf's World of Words does great is offer you that educational build, like a game such as Super Solvers, but with multiple answers provided.

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