Magic Boxes

Puzzle 1989 Dos Softdisk Publishing Education Math or logic

Maths is fun!

This game is perhaps most notable as being the first PC title from legendary programmer Jon Romero, who has had his hands in such classics as Dangerous Dave, Doom and Quake. However, even without the attachment of such a high profile name, it remains an enjoyable little puzzler which proves that maths doesn't have to be boring. The basic concept is like an early forerunner to the immensely popular Sudoku games, and which provides players with a series of incomplete equations in a four by four grid. The equations are lacking in both symbols and numbers and it's up to you to choose the correct ones from a selection and place them in the right place so that the equations are complete in every direction. That's it for the basic gameplay but to make it easier or more difficult depending on your mood, there are a few options available to mix things up. You can choose to have all or some of the numbers and symbols available, or anywhere in between, so for a real challenge, go for no symbols and no numbers. Tricky stuff indeed! Although the concept is straightforward enough, there's no denying that this is a clever and addictive little game that is sure to keep you hooked. It's incredibly easy to get into, thanks to the simple controls but completing the game, especially when you move up the difficulty levels, is highly challenging. The visuals are of course nothing to write home about, but they do their job well enough and are clean and efficient. It's the gameplay that's the star here though and this really is a cracking little puzzler.

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