ALF's Thinking Skills

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Vision Software Education Cartoon

Alf will teach you math and logic!

The German sort of weary, sort of fatherly figure alien Alf, who had a love of cats (loved eating them!) is now an upstanding educator, and wants nothing but to offer you the right kind of science education! Namely, in ALF's Thinking Skill you will get a number of puzzles, math and logic based, and by playing you will work on your logic skillet and also on your math skills. There are a couple of different puzzle mixes, but the gist is that you will have to do all sort of mini puzzles in order to get to Alf's cat, which, scared of him, has run away. So, it takes a bit of determination, and a bit of mucking about to get each puzzle figured, but in the end it is not a collection of too hard a selection of mini games. Graphically it's a little bit on the lower side of quality, but it's still alright, given that the element that are important, value wise are easy to see, and also, the 2D graphics work well with the idea of the game. So, when you're done with your favorite Super Solvers title, a run of ALF's Thinking Skill will definitely be worth your while.

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