Donald's Alphabet Chase

Puzzle 1988 Dos Dosbox Disney Education Cartoon

Colorful, simple sidescroller, for toddlers

While the gist of the game is the going from left and right and avoiding baddies, the hidden treasure of the game is that it can teach your kid the basic letters of the alphabet. Which, in itself is a nice touch, to an otherwise alright platformer. In fact, the way the educational bit is hidden in there, part of the fabric of fun, it's in and on itself a great addition to the game. So, like I said, the game is very cheerful, very colorful, produced in glorious 8 bit colorful backgrounds and with just as jaggedly but workable character animations. It has that very NES feel about it, that will certainly go a long way to offer anyone a great deal of satisfaction, but nonetheless, Donald's Alphabet Chase is a game you will only be able to play so much. So, have it around with your favorite Super Solvers incarnation, and you will be alright. The game plays well, and if I have to find a fault with it, it will have to be the music, which is very beepy and very, well, not that listenable to. So mute the music!

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