Powerslave - Exhumed

Action 1996 Dos Dosbox Playmates Interactive Entertainment Shooter Horror

Best shooter-myth game

This FPS game is arguably among the very best in this category because it gives all the features that are needed to make it a great hit. Before coming towards the action element in the game play, consider the plot which is very unique because it gives you a combination of aliens with the Egyptian mythology that has been existent since old times. The plot takes place in the 20th century where the Karnak city has been taken over by some unknown mysterious forces. You will be sent on the mission with a special task force team and you will be the only survivor because the helicopter will be shot down. So this save the world and the city theme is what will drive you into the dungeons of some Egyptians monsters like the fatal mummies and the army folks of Anubis. The motion of the monsters are very swift and so the motion of your character which gives rise to some great action sequences. The variety in terms of the weapons and the power ups is also very good. The graphics in this game can be easily termed as jaw dropping because of the fact that there are some very exciting animations in terms of the monster killing and the use of weapons.

Egyptian mythology + aliens

Powerslabe - Exhumed is one of the greates first-person shooters ever released. It's an interesting concept, because the game mixes Egyptian mythology with aliens, which sounds like a match made in heaven. The game is set somewhere in ancient Egypt in the late 20th century. Unknown forces have seized the city of Karnak and a special forces team is sent in to investigate. You play as one of the surviving members of the team, after your hellicopter is shut down. Your task is quite simple: battle monsters and save both Karnak and the world. Most of the enemies are typical Egyptian monsters, like mummies and Anubis soldiers, but your course of action will be directed by the spirit of King Ramses, whose graves was exhumed by these evil creatures. In terms of gameplay, the game feels like Doom.

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