Painkiller Black Edition

Action 2005 Windows Nordic Games Horror Shooter Fpp Shooter action

Contains the original plus the expansion Out of Hell

Painkiller is my go to shooter game when I feel the need to discharge a weapon at zombie or zombie likes, and when I don't want the hordes to be smarter than a group of ants. What I want, however, is for them to be many! And for my character to have lots of bullets and some trinkets, here and there, to aid him in being a meaner killer of things! Well, rest assured that Painkiller Black Edition is more than that. The original is in there, if you haven't played it, and the additional expansion Out of Hell is just as exciting a game, also bringing in some cool new additions. Yep, there are lots of games in the series, lots of expansions. For some reason the developers never say fit to slap a II on top of Painkiller, but they produced a lot of these! But these early games, the vanilla and the expansion are surely separated by the rest by this feeling that they are the REAL Painkiller games! So, shooter styled as Serious Sam but darker and sleeker, totally worth it, one of the best of the shooter where brains can be left to rest and twitch reflexes can be put into full throttle!

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