Alive Sharks

Arcade 1990 Dos Alive Software Action based

Dive dive dive!

This neat little shareware game is definitely one for fans of Jaws, Scuba Dive and other such underwater adventures, and while it isn't exactly complex stuff, it is fun for a short blast. The player is thrust into the role of a bold marine biologist who roams the oceans looking for strange and mysterious creatures. In terms of gameplay, this translates into a side-on action game, where you plunge into the ocean depths and try and grab as many beasts as you can, before returning them safely to your ship, where you get rewarded in points. However, you also have to watch out for the ravenous sharks which are always swimming around and which will gladly munch on you, rather than let you get away with this heinous theft of their own precious food. You can handle getting bitten a few times but try not to do it too much otherwise it's game over. You do have a gun with which to shoot anything which gets too close for comfort but it only stuns the sharks and it's not long before they come after you again. You can also just shoot in their general direction to scare them off, but as the game progresses, this effect gets shorter, while the sharks get more numerous and more aggressive. Alive Sharks is most definitely not a complex game but it delivers in the fun department and makes for an entertaining time. The visuals are pretty basic but still manage to pack plenty of personality, with some nice environments and creatures to give it some appeal. Gameplay isn't overly taxing but it's fun which is perhaps the most important thing so if you've got a few minutes to kill, give it a whirl.

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