Rocket Ranger

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Cinemaware Military Action based Action Adventure Historical

A simple CGA platform game

It is yet another side scrolling platform game which has a lot to offer to gamers who prefer a combination of features in a single game. This arcades game is basically about how you find your way through different puzzles which have been made in a unique manner and are very logical and competitive. Most of the puzzles in the game are quite physical e.g. how to reach from a specific point to another point in the game. A good thing about the puzzles is that you do not need to solve them through using some inventory item or collections and the answer is quite evident if you pay a little attention to the details that are given. The CGA graphics are more than what you can expect with the 4 color CGA game because it gives you a great detail of the playfield. The UI has been kept very facilitating for the user because it is important in guiding you along the path of the game. The game is based on a very good gaming engine and it shows in the gameplay that it tags with. The level design and the designing of the graphics are very creative and challenging. Framed has been somewhat close to the features that this game gives you.

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