Alley Cat

Arcade 1984 Dos Dosbox IBM Platformer Humorous Epic Puzzle based

Run and jump with a cat!

Alleycat is an early EGA graphics sidescroller, with a cat protagonist. You will have to go through each level from left to right, avoiding all the obstacles, jumping over the barrels, trying to find ways to jump through windows and getting around to where you need to get. It's a cool game, if very simple, with no more than 4 colors to use. But, what it does great is put you against all sort of mini puzzles, all based in the world of the game, mainly that ask of you to locate objects, find the best way to get to them and other such simple, run and jump based puzzles. But, all in all, the game is never tiring and it always has something novel to offer you. You might use a broom in this level, and the next you might have a bird to catch and so on. Diversity, in spite of it all, is simple and effective. So, all in all, Alleycat gives you a great set of levels, all simple and will satisfy you if you still love arcade like, puzzly sidescroller games. Plus, your bob cat, alley cat is a master of mischief, so it's worth looking into. So, definitely worth looking into it. Download Bad Cat, for a game collection that is sure worth looking into.

Action/puzzler/platformer with a cool cat!

Alley Cat is a very old game, released in 84, and it sure looks it! It's produced in the EGA format, so expect no more than 4 colors from the game; however, the action is pretty intense. This is a sidescroller action platformer, with lots of action puzzles. Your cat has to swim and get fishes, it has to jump through windows and avoid the appliances inside, and you also have to find your way around, generally looking to uncover the exit of the level. It's, overall, a pretty cool game, even if very simple, graphically, but it's got that Atari 2600 look about it, which some will definitely fall in love with! A good alternative, if you'd like a more straightforward sidescroller can be Street Cat, a game released just a few years after Alley Cat, but a game that managed to look a lot better and be more in tune with classic ideas of sidescrolling gameplay, with less additional content. Both, though, deserve a look, for that retro feline frenzy feel, and a good amount of levels, with lots of obstacles to overcome.

Cat game.

This platform game published by Synapse Software in 1983 and by IMB in 1984 (for PC) is a single player mode game.The setup consits of a fence in front of an apartment building. The player has control over an alley cat (as the name of the game suggests) and has to fulfill various objectives in order to get to it's love Felicia. Objectives are triggered when apartment windows randomly open. Obvious life-takers are a dog that passes by ocasionally and a broom which constantly gets after the cat if not laying footprints to be cleaned. The graphics aren't that great compared to today's standard but let's not forget this game was forged in the early 80's when games were launched via the command line. The colors chosen for this game are breaking the reality pattern giving it the status of game and not life simulation. The audio is formed out of typical chiptunes. This game has a sequel Alley Cat 2 made in 2006 for the Alley Cat fans. Overall if you're a 8-bit classical game fan, you might find this game pretty.

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