Freddy's Rescue Roundup

Arcade 1984 Dos Dosbox IBM Platformer Puzzle based

This platform game is really fun

It is an awesome arcade game which has the same style as the 2D platform game Lode Runner and has been developed by IBM. The game is very simple but is very addictive due to the variety of the fun elements and the diversity in the options. Three levels of difficulty have been defined in the game and you can choose any according to you liking. The plot is that you need to save the chicken that will appear on your screen and in doing so; you will have to avoid the baddies and not collect the eggs that they have given. You can enter a level from any point you want and this increases the playability and the variety in the game. The glorious and the well incorporated 4 color CGA graphics that this game has are great with reference to those old times when the visual capacity of the games was not great. The designing of all the levels has been done with a lot of creativity through using some very distinct elements. The UI is so supportive and it makes the game very easy to learn for all age groups. To give you another good game in this genre, I would recommend Hopper.

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