Bad Cat

Sport 1988 Dos Dosbox Rainbow Arts Arcade style Unconventional Street sports

Spoof sports games collection none too serious!

I don't know about you, but for me, playing Bad Cat is all about having a good laugh! For instance, right from the get-go you are faced with a laughing matter: the player character looks nothing like a cat – it looks like a human rabbit! Second, the challenges are really dumb, in a very playful way. You have to ride on top of spinning balls, you have to jump on poles to retrieve keys and at the end you ride your motorcycle. The game claps its hands at you from the interface when a set of challenges are completed! Imagine that level of craziness in a modern, AAA game! But, as you would yourself suspect, the fun times are short lived. The controls are pretty crude as are the animations, and above all, the number of routes, of tracks is pretty small. So, after a short while the fun times are over and you are brought into the harsh reality: this is a spoof of more long lived games such as California Games, without, however, their diverse offering. So be prepared, you will laugh and have a great time for a while but don't expect for the fun to last, though

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