Armor Alley

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Information Access Technologies Shooter Flight shooter Epic

First step towards the modern shooting game

It is basically a shooting game based on helicopters. Armor Alley was a popular DOS game in early 90's because it is a fun game with exiting features. It is a very good DOS game with single and multi player functions. In this game you will find a 2-D battle field where you have to play to capture the enemy bases. Also there is a map where you will find the location of the two bases. The sound and graphics of Armor Alley is moderate. If you have played shooting gallery or similar games then you will like this game. For classic game lovers it is a good game. In this game you will have a helicopter with 2 guided missiles, 10 bombs. Also there is a machine gun in the helicopter with 64 rounds of ammunition. There are several levels in this game. In next levels the machine gun is replaced with some unguided missiles. Overall it is not a bad game. You can also play this game in LAN which is surprising for a classic game. It is a simple game for time pass. I am giving this game 3 rating out of 5.

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