Caverns of Gink

Arcade 1985 Dos Ginkware Platformer Puzzle based

I'm reviewing my own creation ... !

I wrote Caverns of Gink when I was in high school, partially to see if I could, and the other reason was there were not a lot of games to choose from. Looking back, there are lots of things I would have done differently. The game was written in BASIC, Bob Robert (If that is his real name) was able to edit the strings in my program and created another version of my game. He changed the title screen and the following instruction page, but the rest of the game appears to be intact. He also changed the release year to appear that his version came out before Caverns of Gink. I suppose when you can't make a game yourself, best you can do is take someone else's and pretend you made it.The premise was simple: Change the color of the platforms. Not a lot of thought went into the level's design. t's just 4 levels of moving, jumping, and avoiding that green arrow. The arrow is the only thing that can kill you. I made it where the arrow will hit your character if you don't get out of the way in time. To progress through the game, you must turn every bit of red on the screen to orange (or yellow, depending on your monitor). This is done by moving your character around the level. The game examines the color of the pixel just below your character's feet. If it's red, it will change color. If it's black your character will fall until it hits something. And I neglected to add a clock timer to account for the improved computer processing speeds... this thing is virtually unplayable on today's machine's without the dos emulator. I don't know what more can be said about this relic, other than I can't believe how this has circled the globe with no effort whatsoever on my part. To those of you who remember or enjoyed this game, I'm glad I took the time to make it. To those of you who hate it, you're not alone, and I understand completely.

Sidescroller freeware; exploration heavy

Caverns of Bob is a freeware tile, a sidescroller, which plays most as an exploration/puzzler/platformer game. It's pretty cool at the beginning as it has pretty large levels. However, as you go on, the lack of polish or original ideas begins to be readily apparent. But, nevertheless, Caverns of Bob works just fine, offers you exactly the kind of build that you'd expect (at least at first) and later on it just shows that it was more of an abandoned free project. But, nonetheless, Caverns of Bob will entertain you for the amount of time it sets to do it. It was also released with a cool loading screen, which, for n 85 game was a pretty neat addition, especially given the fact that it was never meant to be sold. So, if you like sidescrollers, especially the ones where the levels are pretty intricate, then this simpleton made with ASCII graphics might as well just give you your fix, when much higher grade games just let you down. Else, a good alternative can be Ulysses, with more colorful graphics and pretty neat build, overall.

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