Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice

Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox Villa Crespo Software Cards

Lots of poker variations; indeed, choice, yo

Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice is a bundle focused on digitizing many variations of Poker, from the classic Texas Hold `Em, to Mexican Poker, to Stud, 5, 6 and 7 card poker. Basically it's got all the poker versions that matter, that you would want to play. Graphically, Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice is a 91 game, that looks its age; it looks alright, the pixel density is good enough and the cards, the menus and the options look alright and read alright; however, Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice doesn't go out of its way to impress; it's, at the end of the day a game that is pretty much a budget production. Also, if you're unfamiliar with any variation of poker, its rules and what not, the tutorial goes on to cover all the basics and the higher level strategies that make a poker player a winning poker player! So, if you like the esthetics of the late era DOS gaming scene, Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice will definitely offer you a good choice. Else, download Texas Hold 'Em Poker, the great 2004 game, a looker, that won't leave you wanting for eye candy or for any other modern day amenities!

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