Casino Master

Simulation 1990 Dos Anonymous Cards Casino

Retro looking, yet nice casino bundle

This casino bundle contains a craps simulation, a blackjack card game, a roulette simulation, a version of classic poker, and a baccarat table too. All of the games share the same looks, which is an oldie retro 8bit DOS look, with the a good enough amount of detail, yet quite retro. It's EGA style, as the color set is that of the EGA standard, yet in terms of the pixel count the game is of the VGA category. A great feature of Casino Master is that you can control it all via mouse control. The best game is the blackjack one, and, I'd say pretty close is the poker sim. The other two games, games, craps, baccarat and roulette are nowhere near as well produced, which means that they don't look as sharp. Yet, for all intents and purposes, Casino Master is highly playable, and some will love its Spartan feel and build, that seems very solid. Yes, it's a budget production, but it's a retro one that plays well and is effective, and also pretty well rounded, with no unnecessary rough edges. Else, if you want something more graphically advanced, download Casino Inc, one of the better, graphically superior casino simulations out there.

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