Monte Carlo Baccarat

Simulation 1991 Dos Brian A. Rice Board games Cards Casino

Monte Carlo or bust!

This is decently executed but unfortunately rather limited bit of card game fun which is only really likely to appeal to dedicated baccarat fans, of which there are not likely to be that many out there. The whole game is basically one portion of the far more extensive Trump Castle 2 but which has been transported to the world famous gambling den that is Monte Carlo. Up to four players can participate in the classic gambling game which as ever, sees you competing win copious amounts of money (sadly not real) by outdoing your opponents at every turn. The card game itself is a fairly complex one, relying on knowledge and analysis of probability, as well as copious amounts of luck and on the whole everything is simulated fairly well and it's all too easy to imagine yourself as James Bond (he was rather fond of the game), living it up in Monte Carlo and getting all the ladies as you win hand after hand. However, when there are so many other gambling games out there which offer a lot more in the way of diversions, like Caesar's Palace or Beat the House, it's rather hard to figure out why you would choose this one over its rivals. The visuals are decent enough, with plenty of style and graphical flash to help contribute the appropriate atmosphere, with simple but effective sound effects to back up the action. The opponents put up a pretty good fight and should keep even veterans challenge but if you can find some real people to play with, it becomes more enjoyable. However, the game's limited nature soon comes rolling around again and you can't help but wish there was something more to enjoy, so unless you are a diehard baccarat fan, you can skip this one.

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