Caesar's Palace

Simulation 1991 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Cards Casino

Video Poker game really well executed

Caesar's Palace is a single minded poker sim, allowing you to wage classical Texas Hold Em onto the unsuspecting AI partners or you could also play against some of your real world friends. It's graphical presentation is bare minimum in that early 90s well done graphical way, that can still hold water today. That's because the cards are readable, there are few if any insidious and distracting elements and you can just focus on the game. For up to 4 gamers or just one against the AI, this is the game to go for, to learn the rules of poker or just to sink your teeth into a game that won't take up the entire of your day. As a mnus I'd note the rather poor soundscapes , but, well, as I see it, they won't bother you if you mute it! Yap, not much else to say about it, I'd say the game is well done, and the simulation uses an okay randomizer for the card distribution, but then again, I haven't spent lots of time with it. If, however, you'd like a more involved a game, see how you'd like to inhabit that Larry's world, in Crazy Nick's Leisure Suit Larry Casino, seeing how it also includes an alright poker simulation.

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