American Gladiators

Sport 1991 Dos GameTek Fighting Arcade style

An ok-ish but buggy collection of puzzle and action games

It has always been a curse of game productions made after famous movies to be to the least less interesting if not completely bland or utterly unplayable. Imagine then how a TV show would fare if this extended Murphy Law was to apply to it. The 90s American Gladiators was a show which pitted teams or individuals against each other in challenges that were reminiscent of the Greek competitions. There's fights, there's climbing, there's running and so on.In the spirit of most game collections of yore, there's little actual variety when it comes to the mechanics of each individual game. Yes, the look of each game is different, though frankly quite ugly but what you end up doing with the controls is kind of the same. So, wile on the surface it might appear that there is some variety, when you begin to play you are going to be bored dong the same annoying activities. I don't recommend this game, unless of course, you like bland and repetitive games. Truth be told, this isn't the most God awful collection of games out there, but it sure isn't fun either.

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