Galactic Gladiators

Sport 1984 Dos Dosbox SSI Futuristic Action based

Futuristic gladiatorial games; very strategic

Galactic Gladiators is a turn based, low level strategy game, with an accent on tactical encounters; the game is set in a future Earth, with humans trying desperately to survive, and their survival is insured by a good combination of strategies in the ring. You can control your humans (in the game depicted as triangles) and you can use some other units in your squads independently, yet the best results are obtained when using them in well arranged combinations, and when you try to use each unit as best as possible, trying to get the most out of it. Yes, it will let some down, graphically, but it's not a bad game; it's just very simple; you have to understand that this was programmed in one of the earliest versions of BASIC, and so a lot of limitations have to be looked over. At any rate, there are other strategies from SSI worth looking into, such as Medieval Lords for instance, a war game released in 91, which will surely offer more to those that want better 2D graphics, and more substantial animations.

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