Championship Boxing

Sport 1984 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Fighting Arcade style

Minimalist boxing arcader, fun, but short lived

Championship Boxing is a straightforward punch em out type game. It's got the sweetest most abrasive look you can expect from a game of 84, which means that if you can't stomach games that look like they've been spawn out of but a few pixels (as is the case with this one as well!) you'll hate it. Your boxer has but a handful of moves and not much of a sequence of combos to speak of; the idea is to anticipate when the adversary will punch and retreat or block. You need to learn the cues that each one fighter will leave, which are at times very difficult to spot, and not always marked. It can either be a timing thing or a question of paying close attention o their animation. Therefore, it's like a timing/attention requiring thing to master or learn that which the game asks of you, as these games generally used to be like. So, other than that, you'll have a choice of but a few pugilists and that's about it. Barebones, kind of funny today (the poses of the boxers are unintentionally funny!) and short lived for sure, but a special kind of fun nonetheless. Punch Out is as good an alternative as it has always been for this genre of brawler!

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