3D World Boxing

Sport 1992 Dos Dosbox Simulmondo Fighting World competition

Abysmal, not 3D and jaggedly animations box sim

Phew, talk about a loaded title! 3D World Boxing is not a 3D game, though it allows the sprite based boxers to parade both upwards as well as sideways in the parallelepiped boxing ring. Although a far cry from older games that depicted crude animated boxers, this game manages more realistically looking fights. But the very few frames per boxer animation cycle, used for all the fighters isn't conducive to a long lived experience. In fact, after a few fights, where the movement of the boxers will look very subdued, and very lacking in energy, the fun you can have with this title will be all but consumed. The hit mechanics and the blocks are pretty much all there is, with very little diversity and with few higher level tactical options. At times, the winner will be you, the player only if you apply button mashing tactics to the game, as otherwise, the game doesn't manage to create anything much more realistic. Compared to a classic, nice beat them up, this game is way back on the enjoyment and engagement scale, so, if you avoid it, you're not losing much at all.

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