Bop 'N Wrestle

Sport 1985 Dos Dosbox Beam Software Fighting Arcade style Wrestling

Too old and too gimmicky to be sufficiently playable...

Heh, it should be a warning that you're dealing with a game too old for its own good, when the word Bop is featured in the title. Because, I'd be hardpressed to remember of a single instance when I've heard that word (not very manly, innit?!), just a single time, during a match of wrestling, which is not to say that I have anything against outdated language either! But in this instance, for this game particularly, the term describes really well the experience of it all: it's outdated, pretty bland, with a stiff control scheme and quite bland. The wrestlers don't have too high an array of moves, which, for a sport/spectacle such as wrestling can be an issue. Because it really gets old soon. Graphically it's as expected from the mid 80s, CGA, so, maybe, just a little more well done than your average later generation Atari console, which by all tokens is not much. Fun only if you, like Mickey Rourke, like games that you've learned how to play but don't feel the need to try better and meaner ones! Else, I'd urge you to download Tag Team Wrestling, released in 84, but somehow better polished and more detailed overall.

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