American McGee's Grimm

Adventure 2008 Windows Kiss Label Action Fantasy

A grim tale indeed

Although American McGee's Alice is a bold and genuinely innovative experience that deserves to be played, Grimm turns out to be something of a disappointment. In many ways, it can hardly be called a game, lacking in interactivity as it does, while it also relies on poor toilet humor and features a ropey script and acting, as well as pretty banal gameplay (what little there is). As such, it's probably best avoided. The game takes its inspiration from various famous fairy tales and is divided into episodes, each based around a different story. Each episode is around thirty minutes long and they can be played in any order, while they are also standalone. In terms of gameplay, there really isn't much to actually do, beyond wandering around the various levels and exploring what they have to offer, while painting them 'dark'. Some levels offer a bit more in terms of activity but they are all pretty light on anything approaching conventional gameplay. Grimm really is an unusual experience but for most players, it's unlikely to be an enjoyable one. The visual style is quite impressive, with a suitably dark tone and some interesting character and environmental work, although it might not be to everyone's taste. The script and acting are pretty poor though and the reliance on low brow humor really doesn't help the game's case. However, it's the minimalist gameplay which is likely to be the nail in the coffin for most people and if you want a real game, then this isn't for you. An experience probably best avoided.

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