Corridors of Power

Action 2003 Windows Andrew Gardner Robots Futuristic

Standard FPS but no classic

Designed to run on the custom Retribrution engine, Corridors of Power is a freeware title that is highly reminiscent of first person shooters like Doom and considering that is an amateur game, it actually provides some enjoyable blasting action. The game itself is pretty simple and standard, consisting of a a series of levels which the player must traverse, shooting up all the various enemies that they come across as they go. There isn't really much in the way of story to get n the way of things, but that isn't a major consideration in all honesty. As you would expect, there are a few weapons to utilise here, which are again fairly standard for the genre, including pistols and shotguns. To be honest, that's about all there is to say about the game. It really is nothing particularly original, and offers little in the way of innovation and is more of a demonstration of the Retribution engine than anything else. The visuals here are however, nothing special and don't really show off the engine that well, with typical and fairly bland environments that are lacking in any personality. Sound too is similarly ordinary, with the expected weapon effects adding little to the experience. As first person shooters go, this is certainly no classic, far from the standards of Doom, Goldeneye, Battlefield or Call of Duty but if all you are looking for is a straightforward and reasonably exciting game, this is worth a brief exploration. Its lack of anything new however, as well as the fairly low difficulty, will mean that it won't keep you playing for long.

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