Opera Fatal

Adventure 1996 Windows HEUREKA-Klett Softwareverlag Point and click Thriller

Stylish adventure game with a very original graphical theme

Some say that the Germans are great engineers but less so great poets or artists. Well, there are productions, and sometimes even games that disagree with that piece of information, and, to a point Opera Fatal is one such product. The first thing that will jump at you immediately when you play this adventure is the beautiful scenery. The art style uses a stylish cartoony theme, with beautiful lighting of the environments. The atmosphere is one of mystery and of shadow, perfectly balanced to fit the story of the game and the overall narrative ark. What the game proposes to the player is a mystery and crime thriller adventure, in which Ludwig van Beethoven is central to the story. But do not expect a historically accurate retelling of his life and work. Nope, the game creates a mysterious web of stories, some which hinge on the supernatural, fusing together elements of the real and of the fantastic in a really interesting manner. Play style wise, Opera Fatal is your classic 360 degrees instanced style game, with a lot of inventory themed puzzles and a lot of other challenges. So if you like games such as Myst (for the graphic style) or games such as Nibiru: Age of Secrets, for the fantastical elements fused with real historical elements, then Opera Fatal will feel very gratifying to you as well.

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