The Breakdown

Adventure 2003 Windows Freeware

Very obscure adventure game

Half the adventure of The Breakdown is actually sourcing the game! Given that it was a freeware release that did not benefit from the kind of marketing bells and whistles of most other games, it seems to have dissipated and got lost. Also, for those that want to go for a bit of Google search, you'll find little, and so you really have to go deep in the obscure hunt for this title. But, after digs and research that would not have been out of context if, say I would have been looking for some pirate treasure trove, I did manage to find it, and here I am, ready to tell you about a game that you're very unlikely to play yourself! So, first things first, gameplay wise this is a point and click type deal. In terms of story you will not get too much, as the game consists of disparate sets but they don't thing to be linked together by a coherent narration. Instead you'll just be enticed as you would by an unfinished game (which I think The Breakdown is) that is most probably a student of game design product. So, given that you are so unlikely to actually source it, unless you happen to be in possession of the CD it used to be offered on, you might as well just give it up. It's not something to crave, and if I hadn't told you about it, you'd have never known it even existed! Have a go at Enigma instead, a title that will tickle your puzzle nerve and that was released in 2003 as well.

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