South Park

Action 1998 Windows Acclaim Cartoon First Person

If you want something new and very amusing

Hey there, South Park fans! If you are tired of shooters, massive action, wars, if you want a change regarding your enemies and conventional virtual life you were used to, then the 1999 South Park game is perfect for you! It's inspired from the Comedy Central animated series, and you play as one of the well-known funny characters: Kyle, Stan, Kenny or Cartman. The setting is the little city from Colorado. Your goal is to protect your city from various dangerous threats (aliens, a comet or clones). The weapons are not the ones you got used to in conventional war action games, their design is innovative, being specially created for a dangerous child like you. So, you will use chickens, Cow Launchers and more such thematic and funny things. Note: this game is not only for kids, because even the adults can have a great and entertaining time playing as one of their favourite animated show characters! Also, they will surely appreciate its originality! The humor is present everywhere, this aspect couldn't miss, of course, being the main defining feature! The game contains 5 chapters, that can put you in more or less chaotic or strange situations. As you progress, your weaponry will suffer some changes, so your enemies, which will evoluate. Even if the game is quite simple, there will be plenty of action for you, because you will constantly shoot!South Park proved its quality, and I can say I was impressed by it. Have fun!

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