Zork: Grand Inquisitor

Adventure 1997 Windows Activision Humorous First person Action Fantasy

Zork with graphics, now that s an idea!

Yeah, the first few games in the Zork saga made text based adventuring really stand out, but nonetheless, by the second half of the middle 90s, the genre was rapidly considered just a fad, a long dead kind of gameplay mechanic that the rapid advent of fully 3D world games was taking to the grave. But, well, as we all know, adventure games are about delivering a story and puzzles, and so, that legacy that Zork had could easily be rebranded in graphics, which is what this game does. Thus, while you'd have to use your imagination in the forst few games, with this one you actually get to experience the locations and the beautiful world for real! And ,boy, is Zork: Grand Inquisitor an actually good looking, sexy game! Hehe! Well, it is definitely a world apart from the early adventure games from Sierra, the screens and the scenarios are still amazingly good looking and the story neatly ties to these older games, so that you don't feel that the game is called Zork gratuitously. Nope, it's in that universe, a thing you can feel, see and experience. So yeah, play it, it's got little to do with the problems of the old games, it's actually a modern adventure game, one that is as playable and as attuned to modern preferences as you'd ever want such a game to be.

Definitely one of the best Zork ever

Zork : Grand Inquisitor is by far the best of the Zork series. It was released on 1997 by Activision. This old classic category adventure/action game has full of fun and entertainment. It has excellent graphics and sound quality. The plot of this game is great. I am very pleased after playing this game because I didn't get bored playing this game. There are lots of puzzles, action and humors. In this game you have to seize the Grand Inquisitor. You have to travel to the port to find the Great Underground Empire. In this game you will have 3 more tasks. You have to find the 3 relic - the Coconut of Quendor, the Skull of Yoruk, and the Cube of Foundation. The combination of these 3 rics will bring back magic power to Zork. You will find a lot of devices to use in this game. Although the game worlds are not very large, this game is very entertaining. You will love the puzzles and the storyline. Overall it is a very good game for pure entertainment. You will definitely love the adventure of Zork: Grand Inquisitor.

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