James Burke's Connections

Adventure 1997 Windows Discovery First person

A great puzzle game

The game is based on a TV show which basically gives out an educational theme with an entertainment factor. Fun and education has always been my genre and this game has given me both in a much diversified manner. The plot is a bit short but it is actually the gameplay which is the fascinating feature in this game. You have five different scenarios where there are a variety of different puzzles. You have to identify various objects in each scenarios and then link the ones that are related to each other and in this way you be solving different puzzles. The puzzles involved in the game are both inventory based and myst like and they have an educational theme which you will find out as you play it. The good thing about the puzzles is that they are very solvable but requires the player to use his mind and intelligence and that is where you are tested. The level designs in the form of the variety of puzzles is not a limited one and you really get a move in terms of new and sophisticated challenges. The graphics in the game are a bit average but the UI is really good to my liking. Animal is another wonderful game in this category and is a good recommendation.

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