Lands of Lore 2: Guardians of Destiny

RPG 1997 Dos Virgin Interactive Fantasy First person Role playing

Forge your destiny!

The original Lands of Lore was a pretty cool entry into the fantasy RPG genre which was a bit more accessible than other efforts like the classic Eye of the Beholder. This sequel is just as enjoyable and is well worth digging out if you fancy a bit of Daggerfall-style fun and games. The plot here is a pretty convoluted one, involving evil witches, the revival of a devilish god and a child born with some rather unusual gifts. This latter character is where the player comes in, and most of the narrative revolves around your quest to find a cure for your curse and your attempt to stop the god's resurrection. In gameplay terms, this is an action RPG which is much more open than its predecessor as it now features full 3D movement, rather than being restricted to a grid. Many elements here are familiar to the genre, such as real time combat and quest solving, but there are other bits which are fairly different, such as the puzzles, moral decision making and so on. One of the game's key areas is your character's ability to change into different creatures, a humanoid beast and a lizard, each with their own unique traits. As far as old-school RPGs go, this is good stuff. It's got an interesting storyline that features some unusual elements, and which will keep you hooked to the end. The combat is varied and challenging, while the world created here is genuinely compelling to explore. The visuals still hold up quite well, with a nice mix of live action and traditional graphics, and when all this is added together, you're left with a fun game.

You must have this one

It is a fantasy game which is based on the RPG genre and is played from the perspective of first person. Though it's the second installment to this series and I have played the first one as well, the gameplay is quite different and this has added a good element of diversity to it. The plot continues from Luther who has been imprisoned for allegations of being an active member of the army. Luther has luckily escaped and is now on the quest for solving this curse. I have found some very distinct differences in the form of the transformation abilities that Luther has and this allows him to gain different strengths. The characters from the previous versions will also help out Luther in the game where he is being pursued by different enemies. The user interface in the game is very easy and all the options for selection and gameplay can be easily implemented. The other feature which is not common in many games is the top notch voice integration along with good graphics which makes the gameplay even stronger. The magical ability that Luther has in the game can also be increased with the willing transformation that the character can make. The original Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos is though superior but has that element of addictiveness which is loved by users.

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