Anvil of Dawn

RPG 1995 Dos Dosbox New World Computing Fantasy First person Role playing Fpp

It has its minor flaws but it's worth living the experience

Anvil of Dawn is a 1995 fantasy role-playing game whose environment locations (especially the dungeons) are similar to those present in Eye of the Beholder. Also, the combats follow the style of those from Ultima Underworld. The action takes place in Tempest, where you play as a hero that goes on a journey to annihilate the evil. The humanity will be rescued by your high battles skills, your quick thinking and the use of magic, by casting spells. You will explore dungeons, castles and shipwrecks, and the solving of the puzzles require switches and making use of the inventory items. Most games of this genre allow the development of the main hero's skills, but Anvil of Dawn come with a feature based on spontaneity: as soon as the character uses a spell or a skill, his experience and competence will increase all of a sudden. So, there is no experience level to be raised, the hero learns immediately by performing the actions described above. Beside this, you will learn additional spells, earn new equipments, and even points. I've noticed a lack of originality, and I will explain why. The journey made me think I was already in a certain place, so the producers didn't work thoroughly at this innovation thing. The graphics are nice, but a bit outdated. The music is beautifully orchestrated, and keeps you interest for the story and gameplay. Take it, although this game has minor flaws!

RPG with real time action

Excellent RPG. Faked 3D graphics are familiar to Phantasy Star Players but the action is real-time. Be prepared that the walking areas between dungeons is super lame and super confusing. The inventory system works pretty well but you can save a lot of time by 'holding' items like keys in the cursor instead of returning to the inventory screen, because usually the door is nearby.

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