Ancient Art of War at Sea

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Become a sea beast

Ancient Art of War at Sea is a fabulous old-school naval strategy game (very reminiscent of another classic, Armada) that is much better than its predecessor in terms of larger maps that prolong the gameplay by several times, fantastic AI that really puts up a challenge along with much improved (yet still very outdated by our standards) VGA graphics. As the name suggest, this game is centered solely on naval combat. Remember all those pirate movies where hundreds of ships would come to one battlefield and the canons keep shooting until sea is full of sinking ships aflame and one left standing unscathed? This game has all of this and more. Famous historical figures such as Blackbeard, Horatio Nelson and John Paul Jones all make their grand appearance. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this experience? The gameplay is very challenging and the general outcome is never known until the very end. Much improved graphics than its predecessor make this game a much prettier sight to look at also make the gaming experience a lot better. Sheathe your swords, prepare your cannons for you are getting ready for a naval battle of a lifetime.

DOS strategy

This is possibly one of the best DOS strategy games ever made. It may seem clumsy by today's standards but when I first started playing it, I was hooked. The graphics are not great and it can be a little irritating, but it still is entertaining and amusing. It even has a campaign editor which was a first class game back then. I can definetely reccomend downloading and playing this game. Well done to Broderbund Software (as always).

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