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Early real time naval wargame

Armada is quite a different type of wargame, mainly due to its real time play mode, sort of making this a sort of proto RTS type game. Don't worry though, while the action moves in real time the space and the way the movements progress is done in such as manner as to allow you the time and the space to keep the action under control. The conflict the game summarizes is the 1558 naval interactions between the Spanish fleet and the British forces, a rather small scale but fierce conflict. However, even if the game is real time, don't expect a flurry of mouse driven real time classic commands, nope. Get used to the idea of managing your units via a text input while the graphics showcase your text based options as they happen. Yap, if you're not that much into archaic control schemes better not jump onto this one. It will break you in a minute! However, be open to its age old control scheme and expect an actually interesting game, where you'll be quite aware of your options and where you'll reap what you saw. However, for the most of us for whom wargaming is absolutely played via a mouse, Age of Sail II: Privateer's Bounty tasks itself with naval warfare in the same age, but it gives you real 3D graphics and more current age controls.

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