MacArthur's War: Battles for Korea

Strategy 1988 Dos SSG Strategic Studies Group Historical

Battlefront engine based wargame, lots of scenarios

The Korean warfront was less known then the Vietnam war, but, nonetheless, it was still a very hefty chunk of modern history, one that would come to be celebrated in this game. Well, what you get is a hex based, turn based game, based on the Battlefront wargaming engine that was used in some other good games. The level of detail and attention for the real world conflict is very inclusive. The battles are well organized in different scenarios. The first one for instance, the Chipyong battle is a very interesting one, and you will find it well interesting and well organized. The game does a lot in terms of realism, in terms of establishing reinforcement routes, and such, and, therefore, and, with a greatly implemented sstem of control for your troops, you can be sure that you'll be engaged from the getgo. Probably, the difficulty of the scenarios, as well as their engaging nature will feel a bit too overwhelming for some, so expect to pour quite some time in this game. Play it if you love historically accurate wargaming, this sure is a well done one!

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