Puzzle 1996 Windows Gainax Strategic scope Casual

Angels are not always looking for humanity`s well being

In this top down action game, the world has almost collapsed. A war with some entities called angels has drained the Earth of its resources, and has kept humanity in a state of almost having perished for quite a long time. However, once you start the game, the backstory is, as expected in the background; survival is your main concern. This game is a combination of Rogue like generated content with some portions that are produced manually. Also, very interestingly, the game is turn based, in all of its portions; it's like Fallout Tactics a little, but not as high in terms of storytelling. Also, you will play against the AI of the PC, or you can choose to play against the a human player. Magi, as the name of the AI player is known as, a computer system, is pretty well done, and the action is always exciting. Not as exciting are the graphics, which are rather poor, 8bit DOS like, but all in all, the game is well playable, and offers you a really satisfying game with each new session. So, have it in your collection if you are looking for oldie turn based game, set in the wake of a humanity destroying disaster.

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