Puzzle 1995 Windows Digital Workshop Arcade style Strategic scope Casual

Gems, bombs and lasers, oh my!

Following in the spirit of such unimaginative ripoffs as Chicken Invaders, Bananoid and Tetrix, Trugg is another one of those games which, while there is nothing technically wrong with it, makes you wonder at the need for its very existence. In this case, the inspiration is the classic arcade puzzle hit Boulderdash and in general Trugg is a perfectly serviceable little game, it's just that you can't thinking you're better off with the original, as so little is brought to the table. Just in case Boulderdash is something which passed you by (in which case you should rectify that as it is a bona fide work of videogaming genius), the idea of the game is to control a little explorer (in this case a sort of robot) and make your way through a series of caverns. You have to gather all the gems in the level and then make your way to the exit before proceeding to the next one. However, each level is littered with rocks and other obstacles such as lasers and bombs, which must be carefully manipulated in order to emerge successful. That's pretty much the essence of Trugg and because it sticks so closely to its inspiration it remains a pretty enjoyable game. One of the great things about Boulderdash which remains true here is that on the whole, the game can be played as quickly or as thoughtfully as you please. You can either dash around to your heart's content, relying on reflexes alone or take it slower and plan your every move, thus making the game suitable for all types of player. The visuals are decent enough and the levels are well designed and cunning so if you do need some more Boulderdash-style action, then by all means check it out. However, if you haven't played the original, do yourself a favour and head there first.

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