Fallout Tactics

RPG 2001 Windows Bethesda Softworks Isometric Real time Science Fiction Turn based Role playing Strategy Sci fi

An experience for Fallout game lovers

A nuclear armageddon would cause fear even if you try to joke about it. It's like saying for certain that several nuclear are headed your way and you have no choice but to die. Fallout Tactics is the perfect candidate that mostly tell you how much of a commotion and fear can a nuclear armageddon (or holocaust as it is call in the game) create. Although having no relation with the other Fallout games, the game offers a unique and interesting story, that most of the Fallout games use: it takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where a a few resistance fighters tries to fight against a fascist-like brotherhood, known as The Brotherhood of Steel. Not only that the story is different, but the gameplay as well. In the first two Fallout titles, we had a point-and-click RPG game. Here, we have more like a tactical RPG RTS kind of game. To be honest, I don't really love this, I mean I know that the developers wanted to make something different, but even a FPS RPG would have worked better. Well, anyway, your party takes turn and for each level you have different objectives. The visuals are specific for a post-apocalyptic game and HUD isn't half bad. The sound is good, especially the voice acting, which is well done. All in all, it may not be one the best Fallout game, it is still fun and the story is so good that you want to know would happen next.

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