Taxi Run

Puzzle 1995 Windows Soleau Software Strategic scope Casual

Running a little taxi company can be hard!

Taxi Run is a minimalist, almost puzzle like taxi company manager game; youhave the option of establishing routes for your taxis, choose how they will run, economically, fast, or something in between, and then hope that the drivers won't do anything to produce accidents or anything like that. It's ultimately a top down map strategy game, but it never gets too hardcore. As I said, quite a few activities are left to the realm of chance, so that might feel a little underwhelming; but either way, it's got a build that makes sense for this game. So, just don't crash, and you won't lose the cash, and your company will earn more cash. With the cash you can increase the wages of your taxi drivers, so that they will drive paying more attention, and you can also play the game looking to just satisfy your clients, which, the longer they wait for a taxi, the less satisfied they are, and so, the less they will be prone to calling for your services again. So, overall, Taxi Run is a great, well done, always exciting game, puzzly, not very complex, but fun. Similarly simple and direct, download Grand Prix Manager, which is just as fun and as cool to play, and never getting lost in details.

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