Adventure 1996 Dos Dosbox Ocean Humorous First person

Prolific adventure and good humor

It is a point and click adventure game which brings a good depth of variety in terms of the adventure and the puzzle solving. Starting with the plot, you will be in a world where eatables can walk and talk. Yes the city of Snackopolis where you will play as a sausage who needs to investigate and rescue the mayor who has been kidnapped. So basically your goal is to bring peace to the city. The plot suggests that the game is funny and it certainly is as there are a lot of funny sequences and dialogues which are good enough to bind you with the game till you once end it. Coming towards the gameplay, you will be exploring the city where you will counter other characters such as talking and walking snacks who will interact with you and will provide you clues. The clues will be used to solve different puzzles and solving them will ultimately make you reach the mayor for rescue. Not all the puzzles can be solved through clues and objects and you will have to carry out fights for some of them. The dialogues which are though funny but still could have been a lot better. The graphics are good and the game is overall worthy playing. However it is not as good as games like Discworld.

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